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Cokernutx Latest Version Download Mac and Windows PC

cokernutx pc

Cokernutx PC – Locating custom iOS apps and games online must be laborious. Many apple-based Customized app stores do not deliver what they promise, and they lure users with catchy phrases that have no substance at the end. Few platforms serve what they state, and they may not be famous as the fraudulent multitude.

Cokernutx is an Apple-based store that renders users Mods, Patches, Fixes and Tweaks for the games and apps they love. Chances are if you are an Apple user or even Android user, you come across situations where you feel it is better to use a particular app or game without paying a dollar. It applies to cases that require you to pay money to unlock the premium version or some unique features of an App or game.

With Apple security regulations, it isn’t easyto install programs unverified by official sources. Sometimes you need to jailbreak your Apple device to install third party programs, and it can lead to severe security complications. Instead of installing various Mods by following such a risky method, you can choose Cokernutx Free Mod App and Game platform. This App store doesn’t demand jailbreak as a pre-requisite, and all you have to do is download the IPA file, establish Trust on the program, install it, and launch it.

Cokernutx App Latest Version Download Free For Windows PC | Mac

Cokernutx Windows PC

Cokernutx Mac PC

You get free access to over 5000 Mod apps and games that are fully unlocked, upgraded, and unlimited content. Cokernutx is in the same league of other great App stores like Tutu App, AC Market, Panda Helper, Tweakbox, etc. This post will guide you to install Cokernutx on your iPhone via the PC. Please read carefully not to miss any part of the instructions.

How to Install Cokernutx App for Mac PC

For the convenience of reading, we will line up the set of instructions, and you can perform the operations while following the instructions. Note that there are some pre-conditions for the use of this app.

  1. Click here to get the latest version of This program functions as the bridge between PC and iPhone synchronization.
  2. Extract the contents of “” and copy “” to your Applications folder
  3. Execute the CokernutxServer program(it will display as an icon in the menu bar)
  4. Link your iPhone to your computer and make sure it is not locked
  5. Establish Trust between iPhone and computer if necessary
  6. (Mojave only) Launch iTunes and enable iTunes Wi-Fi sync for your phone
  7. (Catalina only) Open Finder and Activate “show this iPhone when on Wi-Fi for your phone.
  8. Click the CokernutxServer indicator in the Menu Bar of Your Mac PC and click “install Cokernutx, then select your Mobile.
  9. Now it is the time to enter your Apple ID email and Password( consider that both email and Password are case sensitive)
  10. (Only For the initial setup) CokernutxServer will request you to install a Mail-Plugin. Follow the instructions to proceed(or go through below for more elaborate details)
  11. Wait a few seconds, then Cokernutx will be installed on your phone

How to Download and Install Cokernutx for Windows PC

Download and Install Cokernutx apk latest version free for Windows PC, Laptops using Windows Emulators. Follow here easy steps to install it.

  1. Download Cokernutx apk latest version free from here or above download link.
  2. Download Bluestack or Nox Emulator free for your PC from here.
  3. Install Downloaded Emulator to Your PC.
  4. Click Install APK file button and select you download Cokernutx APK file.
  5. If you can’t find install apk button drag and drop you downloaded cokernut X apk file on to Emulator home screen.
  6. Then It will install automatically on Emulator.
  7. Run Cokernutx Appstore, Download Latest Apps and Games. Enjoy!
cokernutx install pc to via Bluestacks

 How to install Mail Plug-In? (MAC ONLY)

  1. Click “install Mail Plug-in” from the CokernutxServer menu
  2. Give your Password to grant CokernutxServer authority to install the plug-in
  3. Launch Mail( Abort Mail first if it is already running)
  4. Access Mail>Preferences
  5. Click on “Manage Plug-ins”
  6. Activate “Altplugin.mailbundle”
  7. Now click “Apply and Restart Mail” to finish the installation

Why Cokernutx PC is Cool

If you are thinking of using this method, you need to know that it is only possible with an Apple PC bearing MacOS, and it should be at least version 10.14.0. Apart from this requirement, you are to have a Free Apple Account. It is a pre-condition you should have before starting to Sideload the IPA file.

Registration for a free Apple account is imperative as it is useful in signing up the IPA files; otherwise, system invalidation may occur. It’s possible to register On Apple’s official website for this purpose with ease Revoke issues will not pop up as it depends on your developer account, which is much more stable than the traditional enterprise certificate. As mentioned in the first lines of this post, you are free from any fishy jailbreaking process.

No jailbreaking means no collateral consequences, and you won’t harm apple security by no means. With Cokernutx, you needn’t connect your iPhone to the PC every time. This tethering is required only when you sign a new app or refresh the validity period of the app; then, you need to launch Cokernutx Server on the computer and connect your device. This is for the essential procedures like the above. You will admire how customizable Cokernutx on your iOS, it is not tough like your usual apple store, and you can add apps by yourself.

Qualities to love

Some of the attractive traits of Cokernutx are accessibility, Flexibility, Simplicity, and adaptability. These qualities are the indispensable qualifications of any third-party app store that most users yearn for. There are so many failed and flawed app stores which can’t deliver what users demand because they can’t capitalize on what users are obsessed with.

Cokernutx has identified this demand and is aware of how to convert it to attract visitors to the platform. The glittering example of this is the existence of more than a million users of the Cokernutx platform. When this is put into perspective with the time frame of Cokernutx’s own existence online, it is a massive statistic.

The store is growing with new content and new users regularly, and Developers have committed to the betterment of the platform. Therefore you will be able to see significant improvements soon, and you will be able to benefit from the free access to your favorite paid version apps and games.

Cokernutx PC users CokernutxServer utility to bind with the MAC, the sync process allows you to sideload Cokernutx to your MAC PC. Then again, you can create the network for Cokernutx iPhone and PC adaptation. Cokernutx is extremely Flexible in the access process.


Cokernutx PC allows you to install Cokernutx via the computer and also sideload custom apps without jailbreaking and revoke issues. You need to experience the platform to know what you have been missing when a million iPhone users love the choice to have Cokernutx on their devices. You can’t prove or disprove the value of a platform without first-hand experiences. This initiation is without the need for breaking Apple’s security and putting it at the mercy of malicious programs. Cokernutx will be the new answer for all your worries, and we encourage you to try it.