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Better GTA Alternative

Vegas crime simulator is one of the best alternatives for gamers who appreciate GTA type entertainment. Now it has a massive userbase which is over 100 million! It is popular among Android and iOS users who want elements of action and adventure along with open-world features in the background.

Although the crime simulator has a minimal space requirement around 94MB, it has a greater gaming potential and productivity that translate to a satisfactory user-experience. This is not a claim made by us without evidence. You can check thousands of gaming forums and threads where Vegas Crime Simulator is respected as other big names in the field.

Vegas Crime Simulator

Make Your Life Easy with Unlimited Money Fix

This game is fully compatible with both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. There are many fixes and customized versions of Vegas Crime Simulator that unlock exclusive features and privileges you can’t get without paying money. The Fix we bring here will give your Vegas Crime Simulation with unlimited cash and gems. You can get this Fix from the Cokernutx app store where you will find exciting Fixes, and Custom apps and games with unlocked content.

Best Features of Vegas Crime Simulator

  • Indulge yourself in an addictive gangster simulator in a high-quality Open 3D environment.
  •  Rich graphic details with the latest game update.
  • Excellent variety of gangster wars – diverse venues and character dynamism
  • Games assign interesting player quests, fights with your adversaries in different contexts.
  • A lot of exciting game mechanics, which include gameplay controls and interactions.
  • You will come across exciting places such as a military base with a tank, an airfield comprising an airplane, space to dance cars and motorcycles, exotic stuff like spaceship and robot transformers.
  • You can become an active agent of the rough and tough Vegas gangster world.
  • Work your way through to achieve glory; however, you may find your path challenging and risky as it is governed by anarchy.
  • You will have to resist damages inflicted by your rivals while counteracting with strategy and tact.
  • This is a virtual gangster simulator, and you can be in the shoes of a badass, commit crimes and live the life of a lawless without real-life police in your way.
  • Exciting Car Shop

Vegas Needs you, and You need Vegas

Vegas Crime Simulator makes you initiate your gangster life from the depths of insignificance to the pinnacle of recognition. You are the designer of your final destination, but you have to complete quests and earn the trust and fame in this city. To become that outstanding person, you may do all infernal acts which befit your criminal personality. It can be even things like stealing cars and knocking the brains out of your criminal counterparts.

Customize to become the best You

Vegas crime simulator is customization-friendly, which means you can construct a unique figure. You can make your appearance remarkable when you use the clothing store. Even if you are a crass and unforgiving criminal, you may fashion your hero with stylish clothes. These dresses have special benefits, and we don’t want to spoil your gaming surprises by revealing them here.

Vegas Crime Simulator Download From Cokernutx

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Skills to Tune

Did you know that you can enhance your character by fine-tuning the skills you need – they can be endurance, strength, precision, driving vehicles, possession of various weapons. There are some exotic and incredible abilities that you can have, and for this purpose, the game constitutessuperhero items. Below is a list of what you can access.

Your Superhero Wardrobe

  1. Magic Rope – With this, you can move like a superhero; it enables you to promptly go around the city, travel to highly secured places such as a military establishment or police station. Moreover, it can also be used to attract objects or enemies.
  2. Flight Mode – This option makes you fly like superman.
  3. Landing – with this superpower, you can land from any height with zero damages. When this is active, you need not be afraid of death from falling.
  4. Super landing – This ability is potent and disastrous to enemies as it can make your fall inflict massive damage on the enemies.
  5. Super Kick – This feature enables you to kick objects or enemies with great power. You can kick anything, whether it is cars, environment items, enemies.
  6. Climbing Walls – This superpower lets you move on vertical surfaces such as buildings.
  7. Robot Skin – This cool costume can turn you into a transformer robot. It elevates your stamina, armor, energy, and life. It allows you to be immortal when you confront enemies.
  8. Superhero Skin–This feature can make you fully absorbed in a superhero’s atmosphere, but do not forget your main goals in the gangster world. Superhero costumes will also grant you abilities like flying and jumping.

Tempting Wheels You Can’t Resist

Vegas Crime simulator comprises an extensive set of cars, and you can recall the aura of GTA in this game. The car shop will provide you with the best wheels for transport, pleasure, or any other purpose. There are bright sport cars that allow you to move around the city with style. If your travel purpose demands security, you can purchase a protected vehicle like an armored SUV or a car with big wheels.

You can check out the cool motorcycles in the relevant department of the vehicle shop. There is also the superhero car, which has exotic characteristics in relation to calibre and handling.

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