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Take A Break from Bloodcurdling Action Games

Playing adrenaline-pumping mobile games can’t always be liberating. This is why you need to chill out in between gaming sessions (supposing the clocks on your side) with a game like Toca Life World: Build Stories.

This is not a game you play to let out all of your frustrations but rather to stoke the flames of your creativity and imagination. With child-friendly content, this game can even serve an educational purpose, provided that you allow your child to explore and embrace it.

Toca Life World Build Your Stories is where you can create impressive storylines, form unique characters, and build your own fantastic world. 

App NameToca Life World: Build Stories
Latest Version1.40.1
UpdatedJanuary 26, 2022
DeveloperToca Boca
PriceFree with In-App Purchases

Toca Life Games Download Free from Cokernutx Appstore

An Invitation to Play at Your Will

Toca Life World has gained immense popularity with over 100 million downloads on the Google Playstore. It fulfills many of the simulation fantasies of gamers who love building their worlds and creating their plots.

The beauty of this version of Toca Life is that you get access to your other favorite Toca apps, such as City, Vacation, Office, Hospital, and more. Toca Life World can unite all these venues into one game, extending the borders of your interaction.

Various modified versions of Toca Life World Build Stories exist, and they can enhance your experience with the game. For instance, if you want to escape from the game’s rules, you can use the Toca Life Mod to unlock assets or episodes.

Cokernutx Toca Life Games List

cokernutx toca life games

Toca Life Pets

As players engage in Toca Life: Pets, a world of harmonious coexistence between humans and adorable animals is revealed in front of them. Players will spend a significant amount of time exploring for and understanding what they are passionate about in this expansive environment.

At the same time, they will be able to express their originality and satisfy their curiosity because this game contains numerous one-of-a-kind components. Please remember to interact with those who appear in front of your eyes because you will be surprised by what they have to say.

Toca Life Hospital

Download and Install Toca Life: Hospital and experience thrills and stuff you’ve probably never seen before. Spend your time doing intriguing activities in a bustling and serious environment. As you explore the hospital, you will learn about the daily activities, such as welcome the tiny angels into the world.

You will also be responsible for treating patients and even saying farewell to loved ones. This is the game in which you can experience the joys and sorrows of life in the manner in which you feel them.

Toca Life Town

A virtual metropolis comes to life in Toca Town, an open-world game in which you interact with the inhabitants of the virtual city. In this regard, it’s similar to the The Sims video game franchise.

However, it is where the parallels end because Toca Town does not have any genuine goals to strive towards. There is no leveling up, no constructing, no locked things, and most of all, there is no requirement to tidy your home!

Toca Life Office

Toca Life Office provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the work environment when the office is closed. Work on a computer, print documents, and make photocopies are all options available to you in the game, which follows the regular routine.

You can go to the cafe for lunch and then head to the bank to pick up your paycheck. However, even the most routine of tasks can lead to unexpected adventures in the game! Make an effort to uncover any hidden surprises. You’ve managed to board a helicopter. Make an attempt to transform everyday folks into superheroes.

Define Your Brand of Craziness

This game makes your fantasy run wild. Suppose you want to give your grandma a crazy hairstyle, invite a sloth to the skate park, or just party with friends. You can do anything from normal to abnormal, weird, and eccentric by playing Toca Life World.

The endless freedom shapes your interactions, and if your child happens to play it, he will have much to learn without being influenced by adult content. Since you create your own stories and characters and the world itself gravitates under their influence, you can enjoy a personalized experience of everything.

Toca Life World caters to all types of tastes, and you will fall in love with the game as soon as you begin to play.

Keep The Control to Yourself

Conventions do not bind Toca Life. It is free from any rigidity that can adversely affect your interaction. You can create stories with your favorite characters in any location of your preference. Would you like to bring your pet to school? The doctor to the salon and dyed her hair blue? Feel free to work on your fantasy the way you want.

You have complete control over Toca Life World as if you are God. The game generates its own rules based on your actions of character creation, story formulation, and world construction and thus presents endless possibilities.

Since this game comprises an element of formative education, it can well be related to young learners. They can play and get safely exposed to various social contexts.

Remarkable Features of Toca Life World – Build Stories

  • The default download includes the first 8 locations and 39 characters. This game consists of Bop City, an exuberant city area with eight different places for you to reveal. For instance, the hairdresser, the shopping mall and food court, or even an apartment. It seems like a great start to creating your fantasy world.
  • Toca Life World can link all your other Toca games. This is quite wonderful as you can sync other games in the series such as Salon, Kitchen, Hospital, and Office. Toca Life World supports the integration of the above apps effortlessly, which makes it possible for you to piece together different storylines and plots and mix them up in other venues to recreate new stories. This way, you can revitalize the creativity you never knew existed.
  • If you feel unsatisfied with the number of locations and characters you have, it is possible to increase those numbers. You can buy new locations and characters and discover them. This game has a shop with more than 100 locations, 500 characters, and 500 pets. The prices here range from cheap to expensive. You can decide whether you should add a little or a lot. The developers keep all such content freshly updated. You will be able to discover new characters, locations, and all kinds of crazy things regularly.
  • Toca Life World is brimming with surprises. It is not always necessary to purchase content. The game rewards you with gifts that can be added to your world. You can check back every week to find out exclusive surprise gifts. Do not miss the chance of playing Toca World. You will know why it is worth playing.

What is New in this Version?

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A Word About the Company

Toca Boca is the company behind all the fantastic Toca games, and They focus on improving children’s imaginations through educational games. Their products help kids learn about the world from their own perspectives.

The company’s products have been downloaded over 200 million times in 215 countries, and they offer a safe and open-ended player experience. The specialty of Toca gaming is that adults also can play games designed for kids without any problem. This makes their content receptive to a broader audience.

Toca Life World FAQ

Q – Is Toca Life World Build Stories free?

A – This game is free to play; there is no upfront cost to play the game. However, additional content and features require separate purchases.

Q – Can a 12-year-old play Toca Boca?

A – Toca Life World is child-friendly. The app has a content rating of 3+. It has been created to improve the learning experiences of children.

Q – Is Toca Boca a Japanese game?

A -The company Toca Boca is based in Sweden, and they are focused on creating child-friendly games on phone and tablet devices.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to find a game that both adults and small children can enjoy equally well. However, Toca Life World Build Stories differs from other games in that it allows anyone to feel the sublimity of safe, open-ended gaming without limits.

It invites you to exercise your imagination and inspire creativity in crafting storylines and characters to fit into diverse worlds. You can mess up your stories and characters to appear ridiculous and obnoxious, or more conveniently, you can have a perfect character and perfect role without discrimination.

With endless personalization and customization, you can find the ideal versions of characters and stories that never end. You can download apk version from Google Playstore or You can also try a modified version of this game with everything unlocked to double your enjoyment of the game. You can check for a reliable mod from Cokernutx for your mobile.

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