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The Sims Freeplay – If you are into simulation games the Sims should be no stranger to your ears. Well, there are numerous editions in the Sims Franchise and it is a multi-platform compatible game. It is powered by both PC and Mobile devices, PlayStation, Xbox, and provides extensive support for windows, Android iOS operating systems. Developer Maxis is behind the creation of this world-famous simulator series and all are published by the electronic game giant EA. Overall Sims has been playing a crucial role in the sphere of life simulators since 2000. It has such a long history of two decades with hundreds of installments, both standalone versions, extension packs, and supplementary contents.

the sims freeplay

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Sims Freeplay – Your Cool Mobile Simulator

No need to dwell in the past developments, let’s focus on what the topic of this post is all about. Sims Free play is a mobile version that you can download from such official stores as Apple Store or Google Play Store. However, here we present Sims Free play which comes Fixed with unlimited money and lifestyle points. These are the very assets most gamers sweat for and yearn for in the game. However, you will not find a customized version like this in your typical official app store as they are not allowed there. Never mind, you can now download this modded Sims Freeplay from Cokernutx. We will impart a few things about Cokernutx as well later. First, we need to unravel precious info of this mobile version and how things will go once you install the program.

A lot of Choices and Lots of Fun

As a sim, you need to live and play the role of a human. Conversely, there are certain contexts where the game departs from reality and verges on concepts of ambiguity like supernaturalism. This may be a paradoxical element in reality simulation. As the controller, you can create and customize every aspect of your Sims’ lives. You can add edit change alter remove traits of your Sims for both good and bad. You can mold an Angel out of your sim or you can produce a devil. You are the controller and the force responsible for the progress of different destinies of Sims. And yes you play the role of the god in Sims.

Do what you can’t in real life

Well if you fantasize sadism but you will never act upon your whim in real life then this game can let you channel such impulses. You can make Sims suffer or feel pain for wicked things they do. The fun part is you are the one who makes choices and decisions about the particular sim or Sims you have selected. You guide their lives to success or failure. Thrilling activities in the game include customizing Sims wardrobes, building their homes, helping them live out their dreams. You can generate simoleons by completing goals, expand the horizons of your Sim Town, and earn rewards along the way. You should keep an eye on Mood meter or the status and avoid distressing or unpleasant situations to keep them happy. If everything goes right you will be lucky to see them realizing all their dreams, and live a satisfactory life.

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FreePlay – Mobile Simulation Success

The fame of the Sims FreePlay is so grand that it has reached a whopping 400million downloadsand counting. It has also spawned a culture of Simology and gave birth to fandoms comprising diverse forums of interests. What you can do in Sims may differ from version to version, and its subject to persistent changes, respecting various social dynamics. It will reflect the socio-cultural aspects of humanity, even though such content is often disguised in a shade of twisted creativity. When the traits you are supposed to incorporate in your individual Sim are stripped out, they exhibit the raw qualities humans are supposed to have. You have the choice to combine all the plus and minus attributes and generate a brand new sim. Their fates will depend and steer forth according to the combined output of the traits you choose.

Simulating Possibilities

Customization and Modification are two chief processes of theSims FreePlay. It may be from head to toe or from floor to ceiling. You create people out of bits and bytes and build houses for them from scratch. Then you maintain the lives and almost all the aspects of the game including time and space! You can keep up to 34 Sims looking stylish and create their fantasy homes completed with swimming pools and eye-catching lawns. Add multiple floors and introduce incredible décor.

As you come up with more Sims and they develop a family, you can expand your sim town with a Pet Store, Car dealership, shopping mall, and even a beach! When you pursue these goals and fulfill them you can amass Lifestyle Points (The Mod from Cokernutx gives you unlimited Lifestyle points so you don’t need to break a sweat on achieving them), with these points you can spend them to own trendy items. Pay visits to your real friends’ Sim Towns, where you can find and associate with new friends. Compare your friends’ interior design skills against yours. Endless possibilities await at your Finger Tips.

Stay Connected

Unlike other Simulator games, Sims Freeplay emulates human emotional qualities like love and affection. Forming relationships is therefore a major activity in their lives. You oversee how this happens and you can break a Sims heart or delight them without limits. Sims Free Play is all about starting relationships, fall in love, getting married, and having a family. Have lifelong friends and bond with pets. Yes, you can throw pool parties and host all exciting outdoor adventures- including grill parties.

Snuggle up by the fireplace for movie night. If you are in a mood to have some trouble, there’s plenty of drama to be had when Sims don’t get along. You can act immature or show off how dumb you are, act rude, and become a despicable influence. Make your Sim suffer from emotional rollercoasters with unwise decisions, be rude to family members, and act weird with your friends. You can turn down marriage proposals and turn out to be a big disappointment.

You can even say no to a marriage proposal. From babies to adults, your ideal Sim story can happen at every stage of life simulation. Romances and Friendships? Drama and breakups? Everything depends on your choice.

All work and all play

Sims have to work and if they are ambitious they have mega plans and you need to figure out how to realize their dreams. The Sims Freeplay is a game of strategy and you have to leverage and capitalize on all the odds and guide your sim to victory. Their dreams may be grand academic or professional accomplishments. Just like you love to be somebody, Sims are given these aspirations when you create them. You may be forced to spend time in different settings such as police stations, movie studios, or even hospitals.

The more your Sims work, engage in their education or profession, learn new skills the higher amount of success they get. More than anywhere Sims experience an elevated degree of success if they commit to what they love. You earn rewards and money for all the efforts. Well if continuous work times stress out your sim you can introduce him or her to a new hobby. There are plenty of leisure activities such as cooking, fashion design, salsa dancing, and puppy training. The more involved your Sims are the more satisfied they will be. The opportunities are sky-high when you create a life your Sims love.

Final words

The Sims Free Play is one of the most downloaded simulation games on Android and Apple Store. The version we present here is incorporated with unlimited money and lifestyle points and you are given a chance to enjoy the game without the financial or reward limitations. You can play the game to see how it works out without tiring yourself to accumulate simoleons and life points, just spend them and try all the expensive features of The Sims FreePlay for free. Since in-game purchases are covered by this mod, you don’t need to drain your wallet on purchasing such features. Cokernutx presents this mod and you can download from below. Click here to read all the interesting stuff of Cokernutx and download it to access all the exiting mod apps and games with tons of new features.

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