Slap Kings

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Creativity – Determining factor of Modern Gaming Development

Slap Kings – Creativity and Novelty are the two features that define the essence of gaming these days. These two aspects are pronounced in current times more than ever due to the competition between many different game developers.

The best thing about this situation is that you get to experience all the exciting features stemming from such gaming endeavors. This variety of themes can mostly be witnessed in mobile gaming platforms such as Android and iOS where hundreds of game developers come up with unimaginable concepts.

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Slap Kings

The top ones manage to strike a balance between the graphics and the gameplay while the storyline also playing a major role in most instances. Some games appear to be fundamentally simple in their concept: for instance, an endless running game where the focus is purely on the fast motion of the character.

Added to this action is the presence of many obstacles along the runner’s track that as a gamer you need to avoid, and if the runner is chased by other agents in the game, the whole face of the game changes.

That is only one example of how simple concepts turn complex in the gaming world. Temple Run and Subway Surfers follow this model of gameplay where the basic action of running is fueled by the chasing of enemy characters.

However, we are not going to talk about those two games in this post, we focus on Slap Kings – a game where striking your opponent on the face is your chief concern.

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Slap Kings – What is the hype?

This game is an excellent stress killer andlets your frustration go away by smacking people on the face. If you are too annoyed with how things have been going on lately, and if there is no way to vent the built-in pressure in real life, why not play this game to release the debilitating stress.

The concept of the game is simple, but it is not related to running as we observed earlier and the action here is to slap or get slapped. You are allowed to slap people all the way to become the best slapper in the world.

This sounds simple, right? No other major activity apart from knocking people with your open palm. That’s not the case though, slapping is only a part of a major process, and this process is largely invisible.

Slap Kings gameplay

Sounds Vague? Well, the act of slapping your opponent is your basic concern, but this game has progressive levels that demand different levels of competency, just like any other game.

To progress in the game, you need to be a step ahead of your opponent, and every time you proceed to the next level, your counterpart becomes more challenging and powerful.

If your slap gets wasted without a proper effect your enemy may capitalize on that and take advantage. The Slap Meter on the game interface is your ultimate controller through which you are expected to time and execute your slap shots.

This control bar is equipped with a moving lever which you can use to execute the slap with the highest impact. The higher you attain there the higher your score is.

Easy to Execute but Surprisingly Deep

So, in Slap Kings, your goal is to become the best slapper in the world! Do you have what it takes to get there? You need two gaming virtues in this setting; they are the timing and the strength.

These are responsible for your victory or defeat. The game tests timing and the force of the slap blow in annihilating your enemies. You are expected to work on the skills of timing and strength to generate the toughest blow against your rival.

If you get them right, then you progress to the next level. Every time you progress you get stronger and more powerful opponents. This is the usual dynamic of the Slap Kings game.

The punches you deliver and the ones you receive are entertaining in such a way that sometimes, depending on the severity of the blow, they make the recipient fly out of the ring. This happens when you perform a knockout blow and it is extremely amusing to watch.

There is a comic element in Slap Kings that you can’t ignore, it comes from the characters and the actions themselves. Therefore, humor is an additional aspect of the platform you inevitably experience.

The game has countless levels, numerous rounds of punching your enemy in the face, so don’t expect the game to finish soon. How far can you go in the whole tournament, where does your power end?

Can you outperform all the best opponents and become the ultimate Slap King? Can you unlock your special power? The Golden Fire Fist? Find out yourself by playing this awesome game Slap Kings.

Game Features at a Glance

  • Unsophisticated Controls – The Slap Meter will go back and forth; all you have to do is the time it right for maximum power. Once you tap the bar at the right moment the game will automatically deliver the punch for you.
  • Amusing Characters – The game has palpable humor which exudes from the kind of opponents you get, and certain moves and behaviors also account for this hilarity.
  • Power Boosts – If you are stuck on a level, you can increase your power with limited time boosts! Defense helmets can be used effectively to resist tough blows and your ultimate weapon……
  • Chill and have fun – Nice casual, relaxing, smacking good fun. Show them who is the king.

Slap King is the only true champion slapping game where you can inflict heavy slaps without facing consequences like in the real life. With a touch of humor, you are expected to smack, hit, slap, and fight your rivals until you become the slap king.

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Final Say

Slap Kings is a truly liberating experience if you consider how it lets you slap the crap out of your opponents. Say you come home after a hard day annoyed with people at work, you have Slap Kings to burn your stress.

Slap to the king level with all the interesting rivals at the opposite end. Add to this, now you get unlimited money from Cokernutx app , which you can use to double the fun. If you don’t want to feel challenged use the Mod money to buy power boosts and other accessories even before they become available to you after playing for hours.

Keep slapping with the right timing and power and you will be the hero. This game appears simple, but when it comes to playing, you will feel challenged and be sure to meet the best slappers in the city.

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