DOP 2: Delete One Part

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DOP 2 The Brain Changer

dop 2 delete one part

DOP 2 delete one part is the sequel to the DOP: draw one-part puzzle game. This is a riddle play that tests your imagination and brain skills. If you are creative and love brain teasers, DOP 2 is the game for you. If you have played the first DOP game which is called draw one part then this game will be familiar to you.  However, this game is different from drawing one part as it demands you to erase/delete one part of the graphics.

The game is challenging because you need to know which element of the puzzle should be erased to progress to the next level. It is a unique gaming experience even though it appears to be easy. Well if you are into erasing and cleaning stuff this game is an ideal solution. You may find Delete One Part easy and difficult at the same time.  The game keeps you occupied in a smooth interface in which you need to touch and swipe the screen to execute erase and delete operations.

Play to Escape from Stress

Although the game combines riddle features, it serves you as an escape from stress and boredom. Most players complain that this game is too easy, but more people download it because they find this easiness charming. There is a growing number of audiences for DOP which exceeds 10 million downloads.

The exact process which is the core activity in the game is to erase the extra part of the screen with an eraser. Doing this right solves the problem in the picture. The controls and the setting are pretty simple designs and you should not expect anything complicated in this game.

For Both Adults and Children

Delete One Part is suitable for young children who are passing different stages of cognitive growth. The puzzles in the game will awaken their thought process and enhance brain skills when they attempt to solve the puzzles.

They will also experience more visual stimulation as they interact with the catchy animated graphics of this game. Adults can play this game to kill their time or to burn stress. It can also enhance the thinking patterns of adults since the game strives to present puzzles in novel ways.

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DOP 2 Delete One Part Download iOS

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DOP 2 from Cokernutx – No Advertising Fix

There is a complaint against this app as a severe advertisement generator causing interruption to gameplay. Well, this accusation is not entirely unfounded. We tested the game on multiple time frames and on each time, we encountered ad pop-ups. This has some impact on the experience and we are not happy.

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DOP 2: Delete One Part Best Features

  • Fresh, simple, and tempting mechanic! – Keep your finger on the screen and start to erase. Delete extra/unwanted portions to expose what the characters are hiding.  Change the plot by your action.
  • Gratifying process – feeling weary and bored? This game will cheer you up by a super satisfying immersion of erasing and cleaning.
  • Variety of puzzles inflame your dormant brain – Each level presents unique brain teasers, to solve them your mind must be active, so if you are feeling dumb these days DOP 2 is sure to hone your wits.
  • Total immersion – Once you begin playing DOP 2 you will find it painful to withdraw or quit. The gameplay is addictive and requires your undivided attention.
  • Splendid Graphics –The familiar and famous stories are portrayed in a unique cartoon style and this attracts the attention of both children and adults.

Final Thoughts

DOP 2 Delete One Part may appear to be a simple game for both adults and children, but it achieves a sublime effect as a stress reliever and a distraction from depressing day-to-day activities. DOP 2 may not be your complete brain training software kit as it incorporates entertainment at its core. The game will be your favorite time killer and the one to cheer up whenever your wits are dull.

DOP 2 we provide here is the customized version of the program which comes without advertisement pop-ups. The Fix has been extensively tested for both security and performance vulnerabilities and provided here risk-free for your enjoyment. Please stay tuned for the more awesome app and game content from Cokernutx.

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