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Tinder Plus 2021 for iOS, Free Download from Cokernutx

Tinder Plus Benefits

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Hide Age
  • Hide Distance
  • Get 5 Super Likes everyday
  • Swipe and go back to last Swipe
  • Hide Ads
  • Get Star badge on All profile
  • Version: 11.2.1
  • Size: 60.1MB
Tinder app

Online Dating – The Tough Side

Tinder App Download Free – Finding your ideal match online has never been an easy task. True that hundreds or thousands of social apps and websites are available with millions of users, yet it becomes challenging the moment you start digging deep for your perfect date. You may pause to think at this moment why not use filters in such services to access the best matches.

Even there are AI filters that are capable of serving you the matching profiles. Although such technological conveniences do exist, you can not completely rely on them as the filters themselves are not human enough.

Love at First Sight or Swipe

It means that dating apps and webs process profile cross-matching according to an algorithm that may not worklike the human brain. Yes, it is about all the emotions and feelings which are absent in a computer application.

The images or videos or textual details can not compensate for the instinctive attraction two people feel the moment their eyes meet. Yes, it is the love at first sight which no app can truly generate. But there is always a but, current dating apps have come close to bridge many gaps that online dating services of the past had not addressed.

Tinder App Download iPhone, iPad , iPod Touch

Tinder App latest version download free for iOS 9 to iOS 13, iOS 14 and latest iOS versions running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices from Cokernutx Appstore. Cokernutx app latest version download free from here.

Tinder – The True King of Dating Apps

These are improvements to both the user interface and also the AI of such programs. TinderPlus, in this regard, is a giant leap in the history of dating apps. It is the most popular and ever-growing geosocial networking and online dating service that allows its users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike thousands of profiles based on their photos, introductions, and common preferences.

When two individuals have matched, they can exchange messages. TinderPlus is not like any other dating service with a messed-up cross-matching process. It implements a smart algorithm to match relevant and compatible profiles and filter out the incompatible and the irrelevant.

Addictive Dating Features

There are 7.86 million active users on TinderPlus and new users subscribe daily. The profile database of this app is enormous and you are sure to find thousands of individuals with the same interests and passions as yours.  I admit that earlier I stated love, at first sight, is never achievable by an online app.

Tinder, however, comes close to fulfilling this condition. Tempting and addictive profile presentation is one reason for that. The app keeps everything simple; starting from swipe, chat, and date to the point of meeting! TinderPlus users yearn for simplicity and novelty and such qualities flourish in the platform.

No Discrimination

There have been 30 billion matches to date, and It has killed most other similar services with its innovativeness. You can use this platform to meet new people as well, apart from your pressing need to find love or a date. You may use TinderPlus for chatting purposes as well. TinderPlus makes the best use of the location service of your device to bring you the best profiles based on where you live.

It facilitates the diversity of your sexual orientation as the platform is receptive to the nature of your preference. If you are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, tinder never discriminates. In fact, it encourages you to find your taste and the flavor of life with other users.

Top Features of Tinder

  • You can sign into the Tinder app with Facebook or Google.
  • Simple but effective user profile
  • Location-based search results
  • Explore users with filters
  • The in-built calendar feature makes it convenient for you to manage your dates.
  • Video chatting
  • Offline Access
  • Block Users
  • Notification and Real-Time Alerts
  • Personal Security.

What do you get with Tinder Plus?

Tinder Plus is a subscription-based plan for your basic Tinder app. It is one of the three premium plans of the service which include Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum. You have to pay a fee to access the features and facilities of TinderPlus. It comprises paid benefits such as unlimited swiping, unlimited likes, rewind your last swipe, 5 super likes a day, 1 boost a month, a passport to swipe around the world and it comes without ads.

How much does Tinder++ cost?

Tinder plus can be purchased for $9.99 a month for individuals under 30 years old, and users who are over that age level, have to pay 19.99 a month.

How do you get Tinder Plus for free iOS?

You can get Tinderplus without spending a dime. You can free download Tinder Plus (Tinder++) from the Cokernutx app store. It is the best Cydia alternative for non-jailbroken iPhone and other iOS devices. Like Cydia Appstore, you get thousands of apps and games but you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to install and use them. The store has minimal license revokes and you can enjoy Fixed apps, games, tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools, and other programs completely free.

With Cokernutx, you can download Tinder Plus for free. You can get updated versions of this app as the platform is very active and filled with fresh content. Cokernutx has a higher level of security compared to other iOS-based app stores with secure encryption and reliable uploads. There are no difficult steps to install TinderPlus as it is a pretty straightforward process.

Tinder FAQ

Can I browse tinder without joining?

It is impossible to go through profiles without a Tinder Account. Having an account is compulsory if you want to view profiles?

Is Tinder dating free?

The basic features are all free. Extra features such as unlimited swiping, unlimited likes, 5 super-likes a day require a premium subscription.

Can you match on tinder without paying?

It is possible to get a match without paying.

Is it illegal to use tinder?

Tinder should be used for what it is supposed to be. The abuse of the app usually comes from falsifying information with fake accounts. If something is illegal to commit online, it applies to your unlawful use of Tinder too.

Does tinder plus increase matches?

Tinder plus naturally increases your chances to get more matches. This is high when compared to Tinder free version.

Wrap Up

Tinder is one of the best if not the best dating apps to hit online. It has generated thousands of matches and has helped individuals to find their ideal dates. It is excellent for short-term relationships and who knows you may be able to find true love there as well. This post has provided you info beyond the basic Tinder service such as the Tinder premium version.

You can download TinderPlus for your iOS from the Cokernutx app store and Apple Appstore. Cokernutx heavily focuses on iOS apps despite supporting Android apps as well. If you are new to downloading content from this particular app store you can read our other posts to familiarize yourself with it. Above is the link to download TinderPlus latest version.

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