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CokernutX – Download The Latest Apps and Games Free for Android apk, iOS, iPhone and iPad

Cokernutx sounds weird for an appstore of any kind, and that’s even doubled by its unique logo; a half-split coconut. Never mind the odd brand title and the logo, COKERNUTS is your fantasy Apple Store alternative to download and install pro version apps and games for free on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.


Who would have thought a hard-shelled oval nut could represent a free source of iOS apps and games? This App can usher you to experience apple store content (games and apps) for free for which you would otherwise pay a lot of bucks.

CokernutX Download Free

cokernutx download

CokernutX File Info

File NameCokernutX
Supported DevicesiOS, Android apk, Mac, PC
APK File size5.5MB

If you need a comparison to grasp the essence of Cokernutx you may relate to app stores like Google Playstore, AC Market, Tutu App, Panda Helper, TweakBox. Most of them are android optimized app/game stores and may or may not have iOS support. Unlike the ones mentioned earlier, Cokernutx is a unique and exclusive Apple store alternative with a lot of paid apps and games for free.

Cokernutx doesn’t require jailbreak when it installs on your apple device. It doesn’t breach apple security protocols anyway and it is among the few apple-based third-party appstore which causes no complication to the system.

A Lot of third-party Fix iOS files cause apple certification revokes and Cokernutx is the ultimate fix for such drawbacks. If you are an Apple user you know the exclusivity of the iOS platform, you will have a hard time configuring third-party apps unverified by Apple.

You now have a solution and that is Cokernutx. It is similar to the legendary Cydia which operates without the requirement of any Personal Apple account from a particular country.

CokernutX APK Download

CokernutX download apk latest version for Android 4.4+ to upper android OS runing mobiles and tabs free from here. Download the latest Fix and premium apps and games free for android mobiles. No need root to install cokernutX apk. It is the best and safe android alternative appstore.

CokernutX iOS Download

CokernutX download ios latest version free for ios 9 to latest ios 13.7 a, ios 14 and latest ios versions runing iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. No need jailbreak to install it. CokernutX iphone version nicely compatible with iPhone 11 and iphone 11 pro max and latest iPhone 12 devices. Download latest apps, fix apps and premium apps and games free from here.

Cokernutx – Flexibility and Diversity of Content

You can download any app or game in the Cokernutx store by simply tapping its icon, with no geographical restrictions or requests for passwords or payments. Coker nutx can be installed on iOS without overriding the system.

With a simple process, you can get Coker nutx on your Apple device. Most importantly you never need to jailbreak your device at any point, unlike other apple-based third-party appstores.

You get access to a wide variety of games and apps which include over 5k content. You may download and enjoy popular, top-rated, and latest apps and games that are compatible with your Apple device.

Here in Cokernutx, you come across Mods, Fixes, and Tweaks for your favorite apple apps and games which unlock premium features and benefits for you.  You can use the Coker nutx search tool to locate any program you wish to download conveniently.

Cokernutx is home to game genres like Action, Adventure, Simulation, Puzzle, Arcade, Board, Card, Casino, Music, Racing, Sports, Strategy so on and so forth. Most of them are not generic versions but modded or tweaked games that come unlocked. You will find infinite money, lives, magic, armor, power, health assets with these modified game versions.

Apart from Mod games that serve your game cravings, there are Mod Apps in Cokernutx that let you enjoy unrestricted services. They may be pro versions with extended features or ad-free content which doesn’t limit your experience.

Thus, Cokernut X presents app categories like Art & Design, Beauty, Books and References, Business, Comics, Entertainment, Events, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Productivity, Shopping, etc. etc.

To show a glimpse of apps and games on Cokernutx we will mention some here. Spotify Mod, Minecraft Mod, Mediabox HD, Last Day on Earth Survival, Garena Free Fire, SnapTube. Since most content on Cokernutx is unlocked you can get an unconstrained experience and the best of every app and game.

The framework permits any developer to publish apps and games with greater flexibility. You can republish content on the platform since Cokernutx has an open-source license.

Cokernutx demands less from a user perspective and this is seen in the system requirements. You only need 30 MB of free space and iOS 7 or a later version. This appstore works with ios systems like ios 7, 8, 9,10,11,12, and stable across all platforms.

There is no hidden fee or dirty marketing tricks that lure you at the end. Coker nutx delivers exactly what it displays and mentions without anything underhand. For your quick reference, all the hot features of Cokernutx are summed up below.

  • Contains a ton of Modded, and Tweaked apps and games. Modified games have more configurable and customizable settings than their official counterparts.
  • Convenient installation, no grueling or messy installation process, not difficult, and the best thing is no jailbreak is required.
  • A safe and secure platform delivering apps and games with standard SSL encryption.
  • Discover over 5000 free apps and download them without any limitations. You can experience the bliss of pro modded versions of Spotify, Minecraft, Pokémon Go, Snapchat or Instagram
  • Any developer can easily publish his app on the Cokernutx store.

Clean and Clear Interface for the Best Interaction

Cokernutx also excels in the realm of the user interface, as it comprises a simple and economic design. You will not be confused while using this platform due to the clarity of its UI. It has kept the most essential features and it has left others that are not in the priority list. For example, once you open the app, you arrive at the home page which indicates the Featured content.

Then you will see Games and Apps home pages right next to it. You also get an Updates page and a Search page that completes this simple Coker nutx interface. Simple though its interface, it channels you to enjoy brilliantly patched and modified app and game content. With Cokernutx your opportunities to feel the features of games and apps are endless.

Apple Exclusivity and Android compatibility

Cokernutx is a store geared to meet the beyond official apps and games needs of iOS users. Hence the platform runs fluently on all apple devices. However, there is an Android version of the platform which is still in its formative stages.

If you are an android user you can check Cokernutx apk and similar to Cokernutx iOS you need to download it from a third-party source.

However, Cokernutx is primarily for apple users who lack third party app markets to fulfill their modified app and game requirements. Cokernutx is developed bearing the fact that there are tons of custom content for android users but not for Apple.

CokernutX FAQ

Q – What is Cokernutx?

A- Cokernutx is a third party app and game platform largely based on iOS, Android APK and Windows PC. It provides the latest apps and games that are purchasable content on Apple Store. All these premium app versions are completely free.

Cokernutx platform itself is free for all Apple users who can use it as a supportive app for their default store. Cokernut X is rich with multifarious programs like Spotify, Snapchat, PokemonGO, Youtube, Instagram, Moviebox, Mediabox HD, and Zinitevi.

It contains both popular, trending, and top-rated apps and games mostly with unlocked content. With Cokernutx you can experience the best of any app or game because you do not need to purchase in-app content.

Cokernutx currently has over 1 million users worldwide and it is a new platform enjoying a thriving crowd of mobile users. You can place faith on Coker nutx as everything delivered via the platform derives from Standard SSL encryption. It is an extremely secure and reliable third-party app store for iOS users.

Q – Is Cokernutx Free?

Cokernutx is developed as a completely free platform. There is a heavy demand for Mod games and patched or fixed content that can unlock the full potential of a particular game or app. Android markets have more of such platforms compared to iOS, and the apple user requests for Modded content are endless.

Cokernutx is built in response to this demand and hopes to significantly impact on user requirements. As a principle, Cokernutx keeps everything free, otherwise, the vision of the company will fail. Thus Cokernutx platform is free and its content is also free. You do not need to empty your wallet to experience your favorite app or game.

Cokernutx platform or its content is by no means illegal. The published contents are not illegally obtained resources and they are posted concurring certain terms and conditions. The apps and games will be tested for their acquisition and propriety rights. Coker nutx also causes minimum revoke issues and the ratio of such occurrences is low compared to others.

Q – What is the process of the Cokernutx installation? Does it require Apple accounts and should the devices be jailbroken?

Cokernutx installation and use are transparent both in and out. You needn’t carry out some crooked procedure to get this platform working on your Apple device. Firstly, your ios need not be jailbroken for the Coker nutx framework to function. Unlike other third-party programs that force you to breach apple security to install them, Coker nutx doesn’t pressure you to do that.

This app store works on Non-jailbroken devices without causing complications. It has fewer bugs and glitches with less crash count. There is also no need for Apple accounts as platform services work without the requirement of Apple IDs or requirements.

You are also not territorially inhibited to experience some programs. The installation procedure is simple, you just need to establish trust on your Apple device profile, and you can install the Cokernutx iOS file and launch it from the home screen or wherever it is.

Q – Is there an Android version of Cokernutx?

Cokernutx developers have especially focused on iOS and if you wish to try an Android version you can go ahead and install Cokernutx APKon your android smartphone, Tablet, Phablet, Netbook or Smart TV. However, Coker nutx apk is still in the development state as there are many aspects to be optimized. You will encounter a simple interface with an economic design on Cokernutx Android.

Q – What are the system requirements of Cokernutx?

Cokernutx consumes less storage space compared to other app stores. You only need 30 MB free space and an iPhone with iOS 7 or later. The platform is solid and stable as it works on all new iOS systems.

It works with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 10, iOS 11, and of course with iOS 12. For Android users, the ideal OS version would be devices with android 5.0 and upwards. This app is supposed to work well even on low-end devices and not to eat up software or hardware resources.

Q – Is Cokernutx Safe?

Yes, this is a consistent area of Cokernutx, since the platform itself is new the developers put much effort into strengthening security. The app store is delivered with standard SSL encryption and apps and games found on the platform have been subject to testing before publication. Cokernutx team strives hard to preserve the purity of the platform from bad versions of apps and games.

Q – How does Cokernutx determine which apps and games to release?

At the inception, Cokernutx developers focused on popular apps and games, and later on they have been increasingly focusing on content that jailbreak communities are looking for. They may include Tweaks and Fixes for programs that are not randomly available everywhere.

Q – Is Cokernutx advertising free? If it is not how aggressive is the advertising on the platform?

Cokernutx implements rigorous terms and conditions related to advertising contexts. Thus no app developer can place ads on the platform waywardly. They have to agree on the policies that are the basic precepts of the Coker nutx framework.

The administrators of the platform work towards maintaining user democracy as far as possible. Thus, Cokernut x strives to keep it user friendly and the developers prioritize customer response more than anything. Advertising is only an alternative and it is not an end that developers try to meet.

Q – Can I get in touch with the developers?

It is possible and the best and easiest way to connect with them is to use social media. They are very active on Twitter, so you may use it to contact them. Due to the large volume of messages, they receive every day, Cokernutx developers will not be able to respond to all the messages.

However they read all important feeds and take note, your anonymity will always be protected if you want it hidden. You can use our contact page to leave any question and we will find answers as soon as possible.

Q – Can I republish apps and games on Cokernutx?

It is possible, the platform is flexible on such matters and exercises fewer restrictions compared to others.

Q – What are some alternatives for Cokernutx?

There are many alternatives for Cokernutx but we have tested the efficacy of app stores like the Tutu app, AC Market, Panda Helper, and Tweakbox and we can recommend these services for you.


Coker nutx is a fresh app market that has come to the spotlight by providing modified, and tweaked apps and games for Apple and Android users. It doesn’t have any risky impact on apple devices as the jailbreak process is never performed.

You can install Coker nutx without breaching any Apple certification. It also has fewer revoke issues compared to other 3rd party apple stores. The variety of content in Cokernut x is also appreciable as it allows iOS users to experience the most popular mobile apps and games in the market.

With 5000+ unique apps and games, you certainly enjoy this appstore, along with your official apple store. Click the below links to free download Coker nutx for your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.